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The Zanti Misfits VS Poll #3

The early era of television spawned provided viewers with a healthy array of fantasy productions. One of my favorites from this era is The Outer Limits. Its two seasons provided great fooder for my young, developing mind, and I didn’t notice or care that the effects looked a little dated. In all those Outer Limits episodes, a few stood out to me when I was a child and I fondly remember them now. So I decided I’d take some of these The Outer Limits monsters and give them something.

How about the Zanti Misfits VS 1) The Triffids 2) Them 3) Tremors or 4) Farscape? Which oddball matchup do you think would provide the most entertaining plot? What did my Twitter audience think?

For those not totally geeked on science fiction of the ’60, the Zanti Misfits are ant-like aliens the size of a puppy. They are intelligent enough to have mastered interstellar flight.

The Triffids
A large mobile plant might be a fair opponent for the Zanti’s if the latter is denied their technology. That’s a fair premise since the Zanti’s are “misfits,” being undesirables, layabous or possibly developmentally or physically stunted in some way. That might make up for the fact that triffids are just weeds with no intellect. Furthermore let’s assume the Zanti’s to be vegans.

While triffids are much larger than a Zanti, I don’t think this would be significant in combat. The stringer of the triffid would be as fatal to a Zanti as a human, but it’s limited range doesn’t help, and how many times could it discharge poison before it ran dry? Five times? Ten strikes? Zantis would likely have numbers on their side. While some Zanti would fall to stingers, I can see more Zanti getting through and onto the body of the triffid, where they’d find a moving buffet. Since Zanti’s are intelligent, they would know how to maximize their attacks by concentrating on the most vulnerable points of their enemy, and then leaving them after doing enough damage to permanently incapacitate them, moving on to the next able-bodied combatant until the battle was won.

Tiny intelligent ant creatures vs huge ants with normal ant-intellect. Naturally tenacious, the giant ants might have the edge on the Zanti, except for that intellect part again. I imagine this mashup being filled with many battles, but end in an essential stalemate until the Zanti’s figure out a tactic that let’s them defeat their bigger opponents without taking massive casualties. But, both being antish in appearanc, the cinematogrophy might get a little monotonous after a while.

Like Them, the creatures from the Tremor’s movies would easily outclass the Zanti’s in size, making physical confrontations unlikely to go in the misfit’s favor. But like the Triffids, grabboids don’t seem to have much of an intelligence, certainly nothing like Them’s ant-giant hive mind. I can imagine some titanic battles, but in the end I’m betting the Zanti’s would eat up the garbboids like a Sunday barbecue.

The diverse crew of Moya would likely find the Zanti’s somewhat of an annoyance, but having faced far more dangerous opponents, I don’t think the goofy ant-people undesirables would be able to win. Battles inside Moya could be very interesting, especially after they modified the tender ‘bots that keep the ship healthy and clean. John and Aeryn Sun would have a great time blasting the critters, or smashing them. Ka D’Argo would rage. Zhaan would probably end up brokering a deal with the misfits, while Rygel and Chianna might go into hiding, or sequester themselves in the same chamber as Pilot to help him defend himself. This would be the best matchup for drama.

The Winner is…
My Twitter peeps responded to this issue fairly decisively. 50% voted for Zanti Misfits VS Tremors. Next up was Farscape, with 25% of the respondents voting. The Triffids garnered 15% of voters favors, leaving Them to trail behind at 10%.

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