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Grabbers VS Poll #2

Grabbers is a sweet little monster story set on the chilling shores of Ireland. And I do mean chilling – filming took place during one of the harshest winters in a hundred years. This 2012 film featured a ravenous ball-shaped alien covered with tentacles. It’s filled with great scenes and no small amount of comedy, although some may take exception with the drunken Irishman stereotype (it’s hardly noticeable) that helps propel the romantic subplot and helps the villagers fight back.

The creature in Grabbers is a spherical mass of deadly tentacles that surround a mouth, and apparently they can grow very large. While marine, it seems to be able to get along just fine chasing land-based prey. I took this film and mashed it up, and tossed it out to the twitterverse. Here’s how the voting went!

Humanoids from the Deep

This might be epic! Humanoids from the deep are fish men, and they could take the fight under the sea. It would make for some great action and combat scenes.

The Horror of Party Beach

Again, a sea creature vs a sea creature. But would the radioactive mutated cream-cheesey “horrors” be able to stand up to the more powerful Grabbers? They seem to be not terribly intelligent in the film (which I’m sure you’ve seen). On the other hand, their hotdog-mouths may hide a secret weapon that could make the difference.


I love this film! Zombie beavers are water creatures, rotten water creatures, and they seem to have a sense of humor and primitive sentience in the film. Could they stand up to a Grabbers attack? They’d probably have to resort to some kind of combat that involves dam building to have a chance. Their small size might make them a tougher target for Grabber tentacles, but I can’t imagine the decaying critter would last long once the multi-armed beastie got a good grip on it. Superior numbers might make up for this (and some kind of dam building maybe).

Doc Savage

A throw-back for sure, how would Doc Savage take on a plague of Grabbers? Most likely  with a multi-pronged approach using a team. But Doc is more than capable of beating them into submission, thanks to his training, which would make for a great Frank Frazetta painting.

So faced with these great combos, what did the folks on Twitter lean towards?

The winner is Zombeavers, with 44% of the votes. That beat out Humanoids from the Deep (with 33%), and The Horror of Party Beach and Doc Savage, both getting only 11% of the votes each.

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