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Sarah’s Story

We love kids. We even have some of our own. This letter was sent to us by a little girl who’s parents told her to tell us “about it”, since they apparently were tired of hearing about it. Our policy of interviewing correspondents was impossible, since she left no contact information, and we made no attempt to run down the return address in order to figure out if it’s real – we did that once with a minor and their parents freaked the hell out. Never again. So Sarah P., if you’re reading this, hang tough girl! We believe you! When you get to be 18 and if you feel like discussing your encounter, please contact us and we’ll be glad to interview you sometime in the future.

Chupacabra at the National Park?

I saw the chupacabra during our vacation to the white sands national park. That was a couple of years ago. I’m older now and my mom said that I should write this down and tell someone that cares. So i am.

Theres a really cool museum in the park. The Visitors Center. Outside they have bathrooms and in the rest stops to. I really had to go and Dad was in a hurry so he forgot to let me go at the visitor center so we used a rest stop on the way to the dune where we wanted to sled on the sand dunes. Thats fun. We do it every year when we go to the park.

Dad stopped at the rest area and the bathrooms were like stuck up in the air on boards. They just had flaps of wood around them. NO DOORS! I hated that part. I went in and had my toilet paper ready. I pooped and wiped and just before I left the bathroom I heard a noise in the back. I thought it was a little kid that needed help so I yelled hello. I wasn’t going to go back there so I bent down and looked under the wood flaps. Guess what I saw? A lot of stinky hair hanging down like it was sitting on the toilet seat. The place smelled all poopy and nasty, not like just poopy smell or even daddy poopy smell. It was really bad, like really really really really dirty people. It moved and I got up and ran out.

Mom didn’t belive me and I got yelled at for messing up the front of my shirt when I was on the floor. I didn’t notice the water puddle. So I got in trouble and my brother yelled i was just making things up so i didn’t get in trouble for making my shirt dirty.

This is the Gods honest truth.

Sarah (withheld)



Editors – Awesome, girl. It’s always good to be careful in a public restroom, like this story shows. I shudder to think what might have happened if this had been at night, but the park closes in the evening so, then, what? Do chupacabra crawl into the rest rooms for shelter? Next time we’re in the area, we’re going to check them out and take some photos.

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