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Highwayman and the Cryptid

(In 2001 we received the following letter from Highwayman. It took a while to run down evidence, but we finally decided that it likely comes from a real person and should be listed in our research. The hiker in question asked not to be identified. Did he have an encounter with a cryptid?)

I saw your site when I got done with my trip so I’m righting this letter from memory. I’m sorry but I never got any hair or prints or anything but I know what I saw wasn’t right.

I was on a month long hike to California and this happened in Arizona. I was going through Organ pipe national park, walking along a wash between two roads. I’m an experienced hiker and I know how to survive in the wild for a few days. I wouldn’t advise doing what I did to anyone else, that’s for sure.

That morning I had just finished my breakfast and started out. I think maybe that it got my scent from the rocks where I sat while I made my dehydrated eggs. I had cleaned out my pan using dirt, and there was little bits of egg stuff in the dirt when I left.

The sweat was in my eyes and I was just beginning to feel hot when I walked around a bend and turned to look behind me, to make sure I recognized where I was, when I saw what I thot was a coyote. It darted behind some bushes and rocks and I didn’t think much of it. You see them all the time. They leave you alone.

At the next turn in the wash I looked back again, and there it was. This time it went a little slower when it tried to conceal itself and I had a chance to see it in profile. It wasn’t a coyote.

The front end had horns, I swear to god. The back end didn’t have any tail that I could see from where I was at and it looked like spikes or something were sticking up along its back.

Ok, now, I have been alone on the road a lot of times over the years. I’ve dealt with rednecks, hillbillies, coyotes, and one time a bear in Wyoming. None of them scared me as much as this thing. The hairs on my arms stood on end and I felt adrenalin going through me like crazy. This was wierd. I thought about UFOs and stuff and kept walking, only a little faster.

Animals can tell when you’re scared so I did my best to control my breathing but I’m not sure if I did any good. Before I knew it I was scrambling over rocks and hills, looking behind me all the time.

I didn’t see it again.

I made record time to park border and hitched a ride to a motel. I looked at the map of the area and you won’t guess what that place was called. “Growler Valley”. I’m not kidding. Look on a map for yourself. I’m not going to hike through there for a while, unless I get a couple of friends. You can think I’m nuts if you want, but I know what I saw. Please don’t print my name, which I have to put on the enevelope for the post office.
Yours truly,

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