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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Sharknado VS Poll #1

Some people have fertile minds. Mine is is more like a compost heap. It generates weird things all the time and to make sure I get them out of the heap properly I’ve been putting them into Twitter polls. OK then. Sharknado. Yeah, say what you will, the franchise is getting a lot of bang […]

Why I Think the Zombie Film Genre is Dead

Love ’em or hate ’em, you’ve probably noticed a lot of zombie movies lately. The genre is glutted with product. If the genre was a zombie, it would be too fat to catch a victim. If the genre could speak it might say something like “No more, please, no more! For god’s sake blow my […]

Pivotal Pups – Dogs in Horror

Even if W.C. Fields famously stated “Never work with animals or children,” modern filmmakers think quite differently. They love using man’s best friend because dogs can be more effective than a female victim when it comes to generating sympathy, and are only slightly more difficult to wrangle than a child star. While hazing the villain […]