While some people may like to think that the Chupacabra (or Chupucabra) is some kind of imaginary monster, a fake animal, a legend, or the product of scared or poorly educated natives of third-world countries, those of us who have encountered a chupucabra in the wild know it's real. El Chupacabra is real, it exists in the countryside of Mexico and the southern border of the United States, and it can be dangerous. It is an endangered wild animal and may even be extinct as of this writing.

This site is dedicated to presenting proof and evidence of the Chupacabra presence in ancient Mesoamerica and in modern Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the United States. This proof may take the form of video, photographs, or ancient texts and artwork recently unearthed. We wish to thank Dr. Arthur Antebury of the Archeological Institute of Mexico & Meso-American studies for his tireless effort and valuable contributions.

Chupacabra Spotted In Florida?


Location: Pasco County, FL

Category: Photo

Macro shot of swamp vegetation

Phot-journalist Ezra Figgaro was looking through test photos he'd taken on an excursion into one of the local swamps.

"I was just snapping shots, playing with the macro setting and other adjustments and did some close shooting of some plants. I went through them later, and found this eye staring at me from out of the shadows. I know what's in the swamp, and I ruled out alligator or lizard, although it looks like a lizard eye when I blew it up it has colors in it and a shape that is not like any lizard I've evern seen in the swamps around here. I don't know what it is, but I thought I'd send it out to someone and see if crowdsourcing might help. I think it may be evidence of a swamp animal we don't know about.

Close up of susupicious object in photograph - possible chupacabra eye?

"Nothing really worries me when I'm in the field shooting except possibly bears. And alligators. And meth labs. I carry a gun but it's only good in situations where you don't get suprised. This thing must have been four feet long or more, judging by the eye. I never knew it was there, just a few feet away. It wasn't an alligator, I know that. Maybe it was the chupacabra."

Extreme closeup and enhancement of the photo

We're not really sure what it is. We suspect a very large reptile, but the eye doesn't seem to fit anything currently known to inhabit that area of Florida.